If I could find the words

To tell you how I feel,

I’d put things right, and with luck I might

Reveal how you make me feel.


I’d help you with your struggles,

The demons and your fears.

Your stress would be mine,

And the worries and the tears.


Your smile, your laugh, your eyes.

A blessing for me

To share fond memories,

And delight in moments of joy.


Sure, we’d have troubles,

And yes, we’d have fights.

But days with you

Would make worth any hard nights.


If I could, I’d conquer these clichés

And tell you how I feel.

I’d cut through cheap sentiment

And age-old lines of how others feel.


I’d scrap it all

To let you know

It’s you I think of

When I’m feeling low.


But I can’t tell you how I feel.

We don’t exist, and we never will.

If only I could properly tell you

Just how I feel.


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