What is it with you?

You can be so good to me,

Yet you treat me so bad.

You know me better than anyone,

And I don’t know you at all.

When I’m happy,

You make me sad.

But sometimes I’m down,

And you pull me up again.

Why do you have to ruin everything?

There would be nothing to fix if you’d leave me alone.

You’re what life gave me –

A blessing and a curse.

I love you, you know,

But you can be the worst.

I’m better when you’re here,

And miserable at times too.

You comfort me in the dark,

Though you put me there, you.

If I could change things, I couldn’t.

You’ve got a hold on me, you see.

There’s no escaping you;

We’re together forever.

You might have my back,

But you’re always in my way.

What is it with you?

Who are you

To heal and destroy, to mangle and mend?

Who are you to hound and coddle me

From beginning to end?

You’ll never stop.

I love you and hate you for that.

But our relationship is a tragedy, really.

Who are you again?

Oh, yeah, you’re me.


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